Dear Customer,

This software has been realized to help our Customers to select the motor size and configure it in combination with the options available for each series.
The software allows the user to configure the motor and create its specific data sheet that includes a power/speed diagrams.
It is possible to save a new configuration as well as to load a motor configuration saved before and print the relevant data sheet complete with its own diagram.

How does it works.


Menu: Motor type
Select the motor series type from the “selfmotor” home page.
A list of motors and main performances will appear; select the motor size and the performances suitable for your application.
After the selection will be displayed the motor main data. The preferred nominal voltage can be selected by the dropdown menu

Menu: Cooling & Electric fan
Here you can see the electric fan data for the air cooled motors or cooling data for the liquid cooled motors.

Menu: Bearings
In this menu you will found the “default” bearings configuration and if necessary you can choose the available alternatives (roller bearing, high speed, insulated, etc..). The bearings speed limitation and the max. permitted axial and radial loads will be shown based on the selection of the bearings you did.

Menu: Brake
If necessary for your application, in this menu you can pick out the brake for your motor and see the relative performances.

Menu: Encoder
A list of “preferred” encoders is available on this menu, just select the suitable for your application and drive.

Menu: Flange/Shaft
Here you can see the “default” flange and shaft and the possibilities for the installation position.
Is also possible to select a different flange or shaft and decide the balancing method.

Menu: Options
A list of additional options is available in this menu.

Menu: Customer Note & Diagram
Here you can see the diagram of the selected motor and write comments or mention any features important for you that is not included on the above menus.

Save & Download pdf
At the end put your Company name in the box and save the motor configuration; a .pdf file will be generated in accordance to your selections done before.
Now you can print, save on your computer or send your data sheet.

If you need our help pls. do not hesitate to contact us. + 39 0331 576063 –

If options are not selected the data sheet will be created with “default” configurations.